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Need for Coordination of Services Led To Glades Initiative



The Glades Initiative was formed in 2002 in response to a need identified by the Board of County Commissioners for Palm Beach County through its Department of Community Services. The western areas of our county had no local source to identify and coordinate the health and human service needs of the community nor was there any organization actively encouraging the health and human services organizations in the region to collectively address the community's needs. The Glades Initiative was created to do just that and more.


The Glades Initiative is interested in working with local partners to improve outcomes of residents and doing so more efficiently. We believe in our motto, "Our people are our fortune," and we are committed to helping to turn the tide and ensure that those in need of services are connected to them.


Over the years, health and human services have shifted to a more holistic system of care. While each component of our system is vitally important, it is only through collaboration and coordination  that we will be successfully affect long-term changes for those needing our services.


The Glades Initiative attempts to establish itself as an organization rich in community resources with much potential within the scope and purpose of the Initiative. Through the efforts of the Glades Initiative, member organizations should be able to accomplish more as well as accomplish those objectives more effectively, thereby building capacity within existing resources.

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