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Glades Area Food Program


The Glades Initiative is responsible for compiling the Strategic Plan for Food Security in the Glades Area. Our food program involves numerous community partners working collectively to address food security issues in the Glades and develop and implement solutions to these issues.


The Glades Initiative’s food program includes the operation of the Glades Area Food Bank, distributing food to14 partner agencies that run food pantries and soup kitchens meeting our quality critiera.  They provide food to an average of 5,000 individuals (food services) per month to members of our community.  We welcome tax deductible donations of non-perishable food items to our food bank such as canned beans, vegetables, pastas, and rice. Many other sites are also available in the Glades area.


Click here for a list of food sites.


If you have perishable food items to donate, we can put you in contact with our sites that serve hot meals and/or have refrigerated storage.



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